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Why Donald J. Trump could actually be good thing for the United States.

Why Donald J. Trump could actually be a good thing for the United States.

As much as we utterly loathe it, Trump is doing well in his campaign. For some bizarre reason a large portion of America appears to have a fetish for rambling, insolent, overgrown man children with hair not dissimilar to rice noodles. Poll after poll arrives from CNN, Fox, NY Times or the Wall Street Journal and be it in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, like Trump tower, there is only one name at the top- Donald J. Trump.

However, we don’t have to  place a big wall around the UK to protect ourselves and you Americans don’t have to get your hammers and sickles out just quite yet.

America’s politics has long veered towards the right- whilst the post WW2 period saw the rise of socialist principles in Britain; America’s long running red scare pushed it further and further away from anything associated with the left- they even drive on the right side of the road. For this reason right winged fanatics have been allowed to arise as they are more justifiable within the political spectrum. However, with the rise of these right winged fanatics such as Trump it is possible that America will become disenfranchised with the radical right of the Republican Party (as Britain became with Labour’s ‘looney left’ in the 80’s) which would cause their downfall. Think of Trump as a virus and America as a host body. Once the body learns to fight off the virus, it cannot come back- however if it never had the virus in the first place it wouldn’t know how to fight it. See, it’s not all bad news.

Apparently Mr.Trump is a socialite. Lord knows how anyone would wish to talk to him as he seems insufferable, but apparently he’s good at making friends. As long as people manage to personally avoid him then this can be an extremely good thing. By making these friends and gaining these endorsements Trump is successfully, efficiently and effectively grouping together people we do not want in the world for everyone to see. Ranging from the comical such as Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan and Dan Bilzerian to politicians such as Sarah Palin and Virgil Goode we now know who to avoid both personally and politically. It’s like the naughty list in class- they might be funny people for a laugh in class but you really didn’t want to be around them when your exams came around.

With Trump seemingly being the number one contender for the title fight against the Democrats, it’s certainly going to be an utterly bizarre one- however whilst is may be bizarre, it’s just outright dangerous if Ted Cruz were to win the nomination. Compared to Cruz, Trump is a small playful ball of string capable of being unravelled with a single touch. Trump is the equivalent of your GCSE physics paper to your masters’ degree in Quantum Mechanics. The thing is, whilst Trump gets all this media hate for his positions, Cruz also backs the same positions but better. Just like Trump, Cruz is pro-gun, pro-life, anti Obamacare, anti immigration, anti gay marriage, opposed to raising the minimum wage and a climate change denier. The difference is that Cruz has the experience to be able to actually pass these into legislation, he is a veteran debater- running his campaign for senator against Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and winning by a 14 point margin [i] and retaining this position in the same year against Paul Sadler by over a million votes[ii].  Cruz is arguably more devout in his beliefs as well, fighting for them his entire political career and winning fights in the Supreme Court- he also described Obamacare as “the epic battle of our generation, [iii]” not Islamic terrorism or climate change, but affordable healthcare- God forbid. Cruz also is a much better speaker and his campaign has much more direction, whilst the GOP isn’t famous for correct facts, in an Iowa University speech in the same sentence Trump cited Jeb Bush’s campaign as costing both $77million and $79 million[iv]– the Democrats can and will pick up on this sloppiness to tear him apart, Cruz on the other hand is a consistent and well oiled debating machine. If Cruz were to win the nomination the fight to stop him from Sanders or Clinton would have to be valiant in order to do so, Trump however is defeatable with clear strategy.

Trumps supporters aren’t right about a lot- at all. They’re usually wildly of the mark and kind of scary if I’m being honest, but one thing they are right about is that Trump brings topics to the foreground that would have been ignored before, and while these topics such as Muslims being banned from the US are barbaric, a large portion of America clearly agrees with them and therefore they need to be debunked systematically. Trump’s guns blazing fashion allows him to say some horrific things, it’s no secret, however when it comes to opponents who acknowledge wider structural social and politics factors such as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, both experienced debaters, the wider population of America can benefit from this education and hopefully turn away from Trump.

Thankfully for all 7.4 billion of us on this Earth, Trump’s rise to fame will not be our complete downfall, he’s no sign of judgement day. Hopefully he will enjoy his 15 minutes of fame and then retreat politely into a small dark corner for the rest of his days. If nothing else at least he has been kind of funny to laugh at. But when the Republican nomination is announced lets all hope its Trump’s name on that paper, or Ben Carson- because fuck Ben Carson.






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