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Forget about the Commons, May’s toughest opposition is going to come from the Lords. They need abolishing.

Parliament opened again today *woo*, and in the Queen’s speech, The Prime Minister set out her plans for the next two years. It was one of those low-key, smart casual events where only close friends and family were invited. So naturally Britain’s ruling class deemed it appropriate to make themselves look like they’d been shit on by the back end of a gold mine.

Just in case wealth divide in the country wasn’t obvious enough, they pimped out the place to the extent that it would’ve made Marie Antoinette look humble. Queue our own French Revolution, except instead of being fed more cake we just want cladding on our social housing that isn’t a breeding ground for bonfires. But honestly, the whole thing was ridiculous. They had a man to hold a hat on a stick. That was his entire job. Hold the hat. Watch the hat. Protect the hat. Fuck me.

On the nitty gritty side of it though, May looked scared. She still hasn’t reached a deal with Satan over at the DUP which means her premiership is looking rocky, not only is she being hunted down by her own leaders-in-waiting in the Tory party, but she was taking blow after blow from Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour Leader really had a spring in his step and the whole commons session ended up like a PMQ’s, but to Jeremy Corbyn. While that may seem scary for May, and she is likely to end up in some scathing battles with the opposition benches thanks to her lack of majority, her real threat is going to come from the House of Lords. You may have seen them all today, they were those dressed in red and white who look like they’re trying out for Santa auditions- very cute.

Usual protocol, thanks to the Salisbury Convention, dictates that the Lords don’t interfere on a law if it was in the Government’s manifesto. This generally means that they don’t throw their unelected weight around too much. But this time round things are likely to be different. The Government doesn’t really have a mandate for their manifesto promises, and despite scrapping practically half of their manifesto in the Queens Speech, the Lords are likely to take this smell of blood and run with it.

Most people who read this are left wing, so y’all probably sat there thinking “yay, another way to stop those pesky Conservatives!” just like a lot of yous were thinking “yay the EU can stop the Tories!” Both are translations of “yay those completely unelected fools can interfere in the work of my democratically elected government which generations upon generations have fought so hard to uphold!”

Just because something works in our favour doesn’t mean it’s the right thing. The Lords have no right to interfere in the affairs of an elected government. They have practically just as much mandate from the public as I do. It’s the archaic extension of that fancy bullshit I described earlier. Theresa May can’t abolish them, she has no mandate. But a party needs to put it in their manifesto ASAP, before our democracy becomes completely useless.


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