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David Attenborough wants you to protect our planet- here are 3 things you can do.

So David Attenborough brought Blue Planet 2 to an end last night with an emotional plea to viewers- help save our planet. I’m sure it touched you, you probably watched it and thought ‘ah, fuck, I really wish I could do something about that’, but obviously it’s a big big world, so where do you start? Here are 3 things you can start doing right now to help save the planet, and ensure there’s actually something to film Blue Planet 3 on.

  • Stop buying that plastic water bottle!

In 2010, one of the most expansive studies of plastic waste found that over 8billion tonnes of plastic entered the ocean in that year alone. You’ve all seen the heart wrenching pictures of turtles with Dark Fruits holders on them and the whales who have inhaled tens of carrier bags without knowing. General plastic waste pollutes our oceans, and makes them unliveable for those who call it home, never mind for those who are just visiting. Cut down on your plastic, say no to straws in bars and buy a reusable water bottle (mine is £4.99 from Aldi and looks fit). Then you can get real edgy and ask for a wooden toothbrush for Christmas…

  • Donate money to wildlife preservation societies.

Plenty of us have jobs, degrees, social lives and books to read, which means we can’t devote our every waking hour to protecting natural habitats, but we can support those who do. Non profits like The Ocean Agency, projects such as ProjectAware and charities like Ocean Conservancy all help in their individual ways to protect our ocean, from community projects of direct clean up to education around the matter. You can donate to them all and more, just Google ‘ocean conservation charities’.

  • Go vegan

I started 2017 preaching about veganism, I have continued all through 2017 and will do so into 2018- but go vegan, help save the planet.
The biggest contributor to those harmful emissions that melt those pretty ice caps is the animal agriculture industry. Meaning the meat industry is the biggest contributor to global warming on the planet- more than all forms of transport combined. By cutting meat out of your diet, you can help save water, energy and resources that could be used to produce food more efficiently (producing a pound of beef required 1800 gallons of water, produced a pound of soybean costs 216). If you’re a fan of Blue Planet 2, you’ll also probably a fan of shows like Planet Earth, who document deforestation in places like the Amazon Rainforest- deforestation which is largely completed for farming- decimating local communities and habitats alike.

These 3 things are not of equal value. Using a reusable water bottle does not have the beneficial effects that not eating animals does. But they’re all things you can do. So do 1, or do all 3. The list isn’t expansive and there’s more you can do. If you like what you see on our planet, do your best to keep it that way.

Photo Credit: ThePhotographer,WikiCommons


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